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Which White Genocide Is Taking Place In South Africa?

white farm genocide in sa

Over the past few months there has been a growing false narrative being pushed to the world that white South African farmers are being massacred, and has managed to get support from Australia’s Home Minister Peter Dutton who wanted to push for a fast track visa options for white South Africans to go to Australia.

This false narrative has been furthered by supposed Civil Rights groups such as Afriforum who surprisingly are dead silent when its blacks that are being abused and killed by white farmers themselves. Its rather strange at best that we now hear the “oppressed minority” card being pushed by white South Africans, farmers in particular when the ruling party tabled a bill which seeks to undertake land expropriation without compensation. Could this be a simple case of crying victim just to selfishly protect their interests as they have been doing since 1994.

The white genocide myth can be easily debunked by looking at stats that show that not more than 100 murders per year happen on farms as compared to other murder stats that happen in South Africa, more blacks are murdered than whites per year irregardless of where they are, its not a phenomenon restricted to farms only, it happens in towns, cities, farms etc. Even Afriforums stats show that the number ranged 48 to 64 in the last 7 years so how in the world can this show a genocide on white farmers. The idea of white genocide is more political than accurate and is aimed at pushing a certain agenda which wants to protect and reverse the land reform process, and wishfully wants to ignore the historical imbalance and injustice that has till this day not been rectified.

The fact of the matter is there is no specific targeting of white farmers as a collective for massacres, its simply just a crime issue which is no different than what happens to blacks anywhere in that country. This playing the victim ignores the fact that black people have never been compensated when they were forced off their ancestral land, and when such issues are brought up for the need of rectifying historical imbalances you might hear the odd “the khoi where the original people of the land” which again is a distraction in itself from them when it comes to land because that is not true at all.

Stats on white farm murders can be found on africacheck.org, afriforumn