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South African movie Inxeba is causing so much roar


Inxeba (The Wound) is a South African movie that has been attracting so much protests over the past few days, with many movie goers stating that they will stage protests at Ster Kinekor cinemas across the country.

The movie tells a story about three gay man whose journey shows the realities that they go through in a homophobic community, but various critics have been angry about what they claimed where inaccurate depictions of isiXhosa culture and rituals.

The film made its debut early February at various cinemas across the country and most were forced to close its screening due to various threats of violence they received from angry protesters. Celebrities such as Loyiso Bala have also joined the debate, with some against and some supporting it.

Inxeba (The Wound) is the first South African movie that is currently available the United States on Netflix, but will be available soon to South Africans soon. The film has already won over 19 awards internationally and garnered many praises for story.