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sokoza cash loans

Sokoza Cash Loans is a South African micro finance lender that provides short term loans ranging from R300  to a maximum of R1 500. The term “Sokoza” means “my way” is South African vernacular, and the company has tried to embody that phrase by offering financial solutions that lets its customers end up satisfied and as they say , have it “their way”. These payday loans enjoy the benefit of being easily accessible unlike going through traditional channels such as banks whose criteria is a bit stricter, particularly for people who might have poor credit ratings.

Why choose Sokoza Cash Loans?

Sokoza saw a gap in the micro finance industry and has stepped in to try and fill that gap by providing unique products and services that cater for the various needs of the South African population. Sokoza provides financial services that help individuals solve their urgent short-term cashflow problems, and they have simplified the application process to eliminate the unnecessary paperwork or faxing, but only making the whole application process online. You will be able to borrow money starting from R300 and a maximum  amount of R1 500 which needs to be repaid back within 30 days.

When you apply for Sokoza Cash Loans you can specify how much money you want to borrow and for how long and the cost of the loan will be calculated thereafter to let you know exactly how much you will be paying back. If you borrow and pay the loan in the agreed time-frame you will have the opportunity to re-borrow again.

Sokoza Cash Loans Requirements

To apply for these loans you will need to ensure that some basic requirements are met, and these include being above the legal age of 18 years, possess a South African ID document, be permanently employed  and show proof thereof such as your latest payslip, and also have an active bank account where the money can be wired into and also where the debit orders can run from. The application process itself is quick and simply, and can be done online by filling in the contact form provided there and a consultant will get a hold of you when they receive your application.

Sokoza Cash Loans Contact Details

Find out more information on how to apply by calling their consultants on 011 784 0722 or visiting their website www.sokoza-loans.co.za.

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