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showtime finance loans

Showtime Finance Loans are short-term credit solutions that offer pay day and personal loans that range from R1 000 up to R15 000 with a repayment term that start from 1 month to 12 months. Showtime Finance is indeed a financial powerhouse, though many would find the name synonymous with entertainment and sporting activities. These credit solutions come with many advantages that include competitive interest rates, no collateral, easy online application just to mention a few.

Why choose Showtime Finance Loans?

Showtime Finance came on the financial market and stood the test of time by providing clients with excellent financial services that are unsecured in nature. Showtime Finance caters for all South Africans who are looking for finance, and those that may find it difficult to secure loans from institutions such as banks can easily get finance from this micro finance provider.

Showtime Finance offers two types of loans namely pay-day loans and short-term loans with a 30 day and a 4 to 12 months repayment period, respectively. The loan on offer has a monthly interest rate of 5% added to it, as well as service fees, Credit and Life Insurance which will settle your outstanding balances should you no longer be able to repay back your loan. Showtime Finance however does not extend its personal loans to customers who are under debt review process, have judgements or under admiration.

Showtime Finance Loans Requirements

Showtime Finance requires the following from their customers be above 18 years of age and permanently employed, must have a South African Identity Document, must provide their latest proof of residence that is not older than 3 months, must have an active bank account in their name where the loan can be deposited and repaid through debit order.

Showtime Finance Loans Contact Details

To get more information about personal loans from Showtime Finance simply get in touch with their customer care number 021 825 5454 and speak to their consultants about your required financial requirements or you can go online and visit www.showtimefinance.co.za where you can read up more details from there.

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