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Real People Loans – Loans from Real People offers customers a chance to consolidate their debt. You can conveniently apply for loans from Real People at any branch nationwide. Real People is a financial institution that offers various financial services to real everyday people, and since their establishment in 2001 they have been the lender of choice for most South Africans, due in part for their unsecured loans which don’t require borrowers to provide collateral.

Real People Loans are offered to meet up to the borrower’s individual needs and affordability. Real People has created a network of partnerships with building suppliers and retailers that provide in-store consulting, especially for those that want home financing to build their houses.

Why choose Real People Loans?

Real People offers their customers unsecured short-term and long-term Real People Loans, each with their own minimum and maximum loan amounts. They offer as much as R120 000 which you can use at any over the 600 plus participating stores. Real People pays out the money that you qualify for to the selected hardware store for your building materials and you can go collect them there or have them delivered to you depending on your arrangement.  The loans are flexible and give you up to 48 months in repayment terms which will allow you to comfortably settle your debts.

You can apply for the loan online or at any participating hardware store, and you can get approved within 2 hours from submitting your application. The amount of credit that you will qualify for will be determined by your financial affordability and credit profile, and in some cases the participating hardware might require a deposit if the amount of goods that you want to buy is more than the amount you are approved for.

Some of the qualifying documentation needed for your application will include your copy of South African ID, latest pay slip, 3 months bank statements and your latest proof of address that is not older than 3 months. You will need to be over the age of 18 years and employed on a permanent basis, with an active bank account in your name where your salary is paid into. Interest rates charged on these loans are fixed throughout the duration of the loan term which will give you some better money management.

Contact Real People Loans

Contact Real People today by visiting www.realpeople.co.za or call them on 0861 10 17 24 / 010 245 8000 for more information regarding Real People Loans.

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