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Nigeria’s Linda Ikeji Making Millions from Blogging


Nigerian celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji is smiling all the way to the bank with her popular gossip blog which she started over a decade ago in 2006. The former model took on blogging as a hobby but quickly turned it into a viable money making machine, with over 7 million page views a day and a staggering social media following. Her primary income mainly comes from banner advertising and from Google Adsense.

Linda says she will be debuting her own entertainment and lifestyle channel on DSTV in March 2018, and is reported to have already spent over N400 million for her production studio where she will be producing her shows. Her channel will air shows such as King Tonto, Gidi Girls, Oyinbo wives of Lagos, Annabel, Naija Ladies of Dallas just to mention a few.

linda ikeji car

Linda Ikeji has been so successful with her blog that she owns top of the range cars that include Range Rovers, Infiniti and also owns an impressive mansion in the exclusive Banana Island area which she bought in 2015.