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Lenroc Financial Services is a micro lending company that provides quick cash loans to its customers whenever they need them. When faced with those unexpected expenses or you have something that you have been planning for a while but need extra cash, you can apply for a cash loan from Lenroc Financial Services. When you apply for a loan, they will ensure you get the best services and will help you with the loan you need on the best possible terms.

Tell me more about Lenroc Financial Services

Applying for a loan is quick and simple with minimal paperwork involved. Once you provide the necessary requirements you will receive feedback on your application within a short time. If you are approved the cash is made available to you in a quick manner and you are on your way to meet your financial obligations. There are no restrictions on use of your cash loan , you can use it for anything.

Lenroc Financial Services is also keen on responsible lending therefore the amount you can borrow  is subject to your affordability and credit profile. Their loans are offered at competitive interest rates as well as flexible repayment terms.  Remember to keep up to date with your repayments and fully settle your loan so that you create a good credit record.

What is needed to apply for a loan from Lenroc Financial Services

The basic requirements for applying for a loan are that you must have a valid  South African ID and you must be 18 years or older. You must be permanently employed and have a bank account where your salary is deposited. Lenroc Financial Services can be contacted by calling them on 016 363 2023 or visiting their branch.

NB: Visit Our Loan Calculator Page Here

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