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LegalWise offers legal cover for people on a variety of legal issues paying up to R150 000 with the exception of traffic fines, matrimonial affairs and political issues. Clients are granted access to some of the leading legal advisors in the country or referrals for representation when they go to court. There are different ranges of cover from Gold to Platinum and comes with a range of legal assistance options for consumers, employment, vehicle issues, homeowner issues and so on. Some covers such as the Platinum cover also caters for the policy holder’s spouse.

Why choose LegalWise?

LegalWise offers face to face consultations on legal matters and also provide counselors to assist you with negotiations with third parties or legal documents such as wills or contracts, debt settlements, blacklisting or payment extensions on your behalf. If members require any form of legal assistance in court LegalWise’s advisors can consult on court procedures and reference a third-party attorney to assist them with their case as they themselves are not legally permitted to handle the case in court.

Attorneys available for members can assist them on issues ranging from unfair dismissals, criminal charges being labeled against them, home ownership issues, motor vehicle accident claims or poor mechanical issues or even consumer related issues where you purchase a product or service that ends up bringing financial loss or bodily injury. Their 24-hour emergency line is available around the clock to ensure that you get a hold of them whenever you need them, and should you wish to opt out of the cover for any reason after 3 months they will refund your premiums up to that point.

LegalWise Contact Details

Find out more on how you can benefit from LegalWise services by contacting them on 011 670 4500 (general enquiries), 011 470 4000 (after hours emergency), 011 670 4500 (customer care) or by visiting their website www.legalwise.co.za.