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Grace Mugabe’s PHD Thesis Deemed a Fraud

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Academics in Zimbabwe have come out saying that Grace Mugabe’s PHD Thesis was a fraud since it shows clear evidence of being written after her 2014 graduation which she did in a record-breaking 3 months.

One of the critics Pedzisai Ruhanya who is an academic and researcher claimed that the thesis was one of the greatest frauds in the academic circles in Zimbabwe’s history.

Ruhanya claimed that the thesis made clear references to studies that were published in 2016 and 2017, 2 years after her thesis was supposedly written. The former First Lady graduated with a Doctorate of Philosophy in Sociology from the University of Zimbabwe.

Following their 2017 ouster from power students from the university have been making calls for the university to revoke the doctorate qualification from her as many felt she was incapable of having been the one who actually wrote it herself.