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FNB Mozambique Money Transfer

FNB Mozambique Money Transfer

FNB Mozambique Money Transfer  – many people have been migrating to neighboring SADC countries for years, and exchange of currencies between countries has created a need for a reliable and secure money transfer facility. FNB understood the value contributed by foreign nationals that bank with it, and created a facility to help thousands of Mozambicans living in South Africa to send money home to their loved ones.

Benefits of FNB Mozambique Money Transfer

One of the many benefits of using the FNB Mozambique Money Transfer facility is that it lets you send money to your loved ones without any hassles or long processes, with minimal effort. Send up to R3 000 daily through online banking and up to R1 500 through cellphone banking. FNB only allows a maximum amount of R10 000 to be sent through this facility per each month.

FNB introduced this facility after seeing that most of its clients, particularly from Zimbabwe and Mozambique had a demand of money transfer services, and through their insightful financial knowledge of the finance sector in both countries decided to offer a facility that allowed FNB customers to send money home without the use of a third party. This has been helping thousands of families who rely of these money transfers to live and also contributing to the economic and social relationships between the two countries.

How to send money through FNB Mozambique Money Transfer?

To send money to your loved ones living in Mozambique you will need to be a Gold or Platinum Credit Card Account holder who has access to online banking. Once you log in you will need to go to the section where it says “Send Money”, choose the option that is for you (which in this case will be Mozambique” and fill in the recipient’s Name, Surname, ID Number and Cellphone Details.

You will need to send the recipient the reference number and ask them to take their ID document along with that reference number to the FNB branch in Mozambique to collect the money from there. If funds are not collected within 14 days the money will be reversed and paid back into the sender’s account.

Find out more on how you can benefit from this money transfer innovation from FNB by visiting your nearest branch and chat to any of their available consultants. You can also visit their website www.fnb.co.za for more information.

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