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FNB eWallet is a money transfer facility that allows you to send and receive money anywhere in South Africa through their ATMs and a cellphone number. The facility is an instant, easy and safe way of sending money to anyone, whether it is a loved one, family member or worker as long they have got an active cellphone number and access to an FNB ATM machine.

The eWallet facility has been a popular money transfer option for many South Africans since its creation in 2009, and according to FNB spokespeople the facility has transferred more than R1 Billion to date. The facility works in partnership with other partners that include PEP Retail Stores. The facility can also be used by employers who mainly deal with contract workers and don’t want to formally put them on their company payroll.

How does FNB eWallet Work

FNB eWallet allows an FNB account holder to send money to anyone through an ATM, online, internet, cellphone banking or their banking app. The recipient doesn’t have to have an FNB bank account, and can access it anywhere in the country as long as they have got the ewallet PIN number that they can access through their phone by dialling *120*277# and following the easy step by step instructions.

To send money using online banking all you need to do is login and visit the Send Money tab, select eWallet and add the cellphone number of the recipient and the amount you wish to send and submit the transaction. This facility only allows you to send a maximum amount of R3 000 per day and a monthly limit of R10 000.

How to receive money using FNB eWallet

To receive money the sender will send you some funds and you will receive an SMS notifying you that some money has been sent to you. Dial *120*277# and follow their easy instructions and you will receive an SMS with a reference number. Go to any FNB ATM machine and select the ewallet option, enter your cellphone number and PIN. Next select the amount you want to withdraw and its done, its as easy as that!

FNB eWallet Contact Details

Get more detailed information on how to use the FNB eWallet facility by visiting their website www.fnb.co.za. You can visit your nearest branch and ask their consultants to help you send and receive money using the FNB ATMs.

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