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ECDC Loans – Popularly known as ECDC the Eastern Cape Development Corporation has been a major player in facilitating the growth of small to medium enterprises in the Eastern Cape. Its initiatives have effectively contributed in rising above the limitations of poverty, unemployment, inequality, under-development and the lack of access to funds of small businesses. ECDC also sets itself as the necessary link between public and private sector. So if you are a small to medium business based in the Eastern Cape and need finance  ECDC Loans are there for you to help develop your business ventures.

Tell me more about ECDC Loans

ECDC has set positioned itself has the credit provider of choice for many small businesses through their offering of short -term to long-term ECDC Loans. Because they understand the limitations small to medium enterprises face, they have moved away from lending through collateral and now assess your business viability as well as management capacity. Those that can benefit from ECDC Loans should have their headquarters in the Eastern Cape or you can prove that your business is has great developmental impact in the province.

Applications for ECDC Loans most likely to be considered are those that facilitate job creation and/or retention, economic empowerment, value addition to the economy, rural/ township development, and increased export income. Any project that is a new Greenfield initiative, where expansion and rehabilitation will be the resultant benefit, will also be eligible for application for ECDC Loans. Applicants must have a clean credit record to qualify for the loan and should be actively involved in the business venture that is to be financed.

ECDC Loans are divided into two main categories which are short-term and long-term business finance. Their  long-term offering known as ECDC Future includes a long-term debt finance and an equity finance, the TERMcap and EQUItrader products respectively.

For short-term finance known as  ECDC Access provides short-term debt financing products that are geared towards facilitating efficient cash flow management in client’s businesses. These products are the NEXUStrade loan, WORKflow contract loan, POWER+ small loan, and IMBEWU micro loan. Apart from  ECDC’s loans  the corporation also offers investment promotion, export promotion, enterprise development services, property management and development as well as the spatial and rural projects unit.

ECDC Loans Contact Details

You can get in touch with ECDC Loans on the following contact details tel 043 704 5600 or visit their website www.ecdc.co.za.

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