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capital pawn instant loans

Capital Pawn Instant Loans – Do you need an instant loan without having to go through credit checks or long application processes? If you have a paid up asset that is valuable you can turn to Capital Pawn Instant Loans.  Capital Pawn specialises in offering instant cash relief with minimum administrative work involved.

They have been in the industry since 2008 and their years of experience and professionalism has made them to be one of the leaders in the business. They will ensure they handle your goods safely and securely and all transactions are handled professionally. S if you need a loan all you need to do is to take the loan against your asset and you once you pay off the loan you get your asset back.

Tell me more about Capital Pawn Instant Loans

You can get any amount of equivalent value to your asset as loan. You can pawn any item from your TV, cellphone, jewellery, car, boats, fine art, heavy machinery and so forth. As long as the item is yours and is fully paid up. Cash Pawn works with a professional team who will be able to value your asset. Cash Pawn are a registered credit provider and abide to the rules of the NCR so all the transactions are done legally. You must be of legal age i.e. 18 years or older and have some identification document in order to get the loan.

Your item will be safely kept in a secure storage facility with 24hr security and 24hr CCTV until you have fully paid up the loan. If you fail to repay the loan Cash Pawn will have the right to sell your item to recover the loan amount. So it is important to fully pay up your loan and get back your asset. You also have the option of selling your unwanted goods and get instant cash if you no longer want the item.

Capital Pawn Instant Loans Contact Details

To get in touch with Capital Pawn feel free to contact them by calling 011 440 7881 or  071 221 3992 and they will assist you. You can also visit their website www.capitalpawn.co.za to find out more information.

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