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Capfin Loans – Capfin partnered with retail store giants PEP and Ackermans to make credit accessible to all South Africans who need it. Through their extensive network of more than 1 000 stores across the nation anyone who is seeking credit of up to R50 000 can now just simply walk into any of their stores and apply for credit just like that!

Capfin is a registered bank that provides fast and easy access credit loans and strives to simplify the process of getting finance. Capfin realised the challenges that most people who applied for finance go through, things like going to a bank and standing in long queues, going through an interview with a bank manager and filling out countless forms and decided to streamline the whole application process itself and made it simple by partnering with PEP and Ackermans.

Why choose Capfin Loans?

Capfin Loans have a number of benefits that makes loan application so much easier, faster and convenient. Capfin offers loan amounts of up to R50 000 with no restriction of how to use the money, its up to you. With Capfin Loans there are no long queues, no face to face interviews involved. No lots of paperwork and application forms needed, just take your ID and proof of income. The application process is quick and hassle free application process, with feedback within minutes. Capfin Loans are easily accessible, there are over a thousand PEP and Ackermans stores nationwide so you can apply from any Pep or Ackermans stores near you.

Capfin Loans Application Requirements

When you apply for Capfin Loans you will need to be above the age of 18 years and possess your South African ID Book, must be permanently employed , show proof of income when applying, must have a Bank Account into which your salary is deposited monthly, and where debit orders can be conducted, and lastly you must have a cell phone number where you can be directly contacted.

How to apply for Capfin Loans

Simply take your South African ID Book and Proof of Income to any PEP Store or Ackermans Store and you will be assisted from the till. Once they capture your details by scanning your ID you will receive an SMS notification with an approval/rejection of your application within 15 minutes. If you are approved a friendly Capfin consultant will call you to validate some details shared by you.

They will also ask you to provide your bank details, employment details, affordability assessment, loan offer and NCA Pre-agreement and contract. You will also choose the repayment plan you are comfortable with in line with their set limits. Once you agree with the terms the money will be directly deposited into your bank account to use however you see fit.

Capfin Loans Contact Details

To apply or find out more about Capfin Loans feel free to contact them on Tel: 087 354 0000 or SMS help to 43679. You can visit their website www.capfin.co.za or any PEP or Ackermans Stores and they will assist you.

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