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braamfin personal loans

Braamfin Personal Loans – When looking for a loan it is always good to deal with a credit provider that it legitimate and offers affordable services. One such lender that has your interests at heart is Braamfin Personal Loans. Its excellent services coupled with years of experience has made it one of the to-go-to credit providers in the South African market. Braamfin Personal Loans aims to give its customers quick and affordable loans with loans on offer of up to R8 000 to help you meet your financial needs.

Why choose Braamfin Personal Loans?

With Braamfin Personal Loans you can apply for any amount between R1 000 up to R8 000 with affordable and flexible repayment terms. Repayment periods go up to 6 months but if you wish to repay your loan installment early you can freely do without incurring any penalties. For your convenience, monthly debit orders are done on your monthly repayment plan so that you do not miss out a payment when it comes to month end.

The amount you qualify for is subject to your affordability so that you can borrow within your limits and not burdened with a loan you will not be able to repay. Borrowing within your means and staying up to date with your repayments give you a good and clean credit record.

Applying for  Braamfin Personal Loans is quite simple and fast. You can choose to apply online, by phone, fax or email whichever method is convenient to you. Once you submit all required documents , you are approved agree with the terms of the loan , the money is directly deposited into your bank account for you to use however you see fit.

What is needed when applying for Braamfin Personal Loans?

To qualify for Braamfin Personal Loans you will need a valid South African ID and must be employed for more than 4 months at current employment, provide latest Payslip. You must also have a Bank account where debit orders can be conducted , provide 3 months bank statement and be above 21 years of age to qualify.

Braamfin Personal Loans Contact Details

To find out more or apply for Braamfin you can contact them on Tel: 011 483 3570 or visit their website www.braamfin.co.za.

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