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BMW Financial Services – When we talk cars, BMW comes up as one of the leading luxury brands in the industry. If you would like to drive your own BMW and need help with vehicle finance you can take advantage of the offer from BMW Financial Services. They are an registered financial services provider in South Africa that provides vehicle finance to its BMW customers through approved BMW dealerships. BMW Financial Services works together with Alphera Financial Services in the provision of vehicle finance. There are different types of vehicle finance options you can select in order to finance the purchase of your BMW.

Tell me more about BMW Financial Services

BMW finance is easily accessible as you can simply submit an online application from anywhere you are at any time convenient for you. There are no face to face interviews or long queues involved. There are different types of finance options offered by BMW Financial Services, so you can choose the best options that suits your needs. These include the  BMW Select, Installment Sale, Fixed Rate, BMW Edge and BMW Financial Lease.

BMW Select – with this option you select your preferred term and expected annual mileage and they will provide you with a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) on your BMW. When your contact expires you can either refinance the outstanding balance, trade in your BMW for a new model , settle your outstanding balance and take full ownership of the car or you can return the vehicle to the dealer.

Installment Sale – The installment sale enables you to have full ownership of the BMW at the end of the contract term. You are able to choose the loan term you can easily afford and as well as the loan period which usually ranges between 6 months to 72 months. You will be required to make monthly repayments  as per agreement.

Fixed Rate – this option comes with fixed interest rates throughout the duration of the contract. You can also settle you contact at any point if you wish.

BMW Edge  – with this option you pay 50% of the purchase price as deposit. The advantage is that you get lower monthly repayments by servicing the interest over a 36 month period.

BMW Financial Lease – if you wish to drive a  BMW without owning it you can choose the lease option. There is no set initial payment and you get flexible contract periods of between 12 to 72 months.

What is required to apply for BMW Financial Services?

In order to qualify for vehicle finance through BMW you must be a South African resident with a South African ID or have a valid permit to stay and work in South Africa for foreigners. You must have a regular income and have a clean credit record to qualify. You also need to have a valid South African driver’s license.

If you have an international driver’s license it may be accepted with conditions. The loan is available to you if your purchase is from an approved BMW dealership and the finance needed is more than R50 000. The vehicle you want financed must be less than 10 years old. Additional requirements may be needed from you once you are approved such as insurance , etc.

BMW Financial Services Contact Details

For more information on BMW Financial Services or if you would like to apply for finance through them  you can visit their website www.bmwfinance.co.za. Alternatively you can call them on 0800 600 555 or 0861 BMW FIN (269 346) or send an email to  customer.service@bmwfinance.co.za and they will assist you.

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