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Blue Loans – Sometimes we face unexpected situation that require cash. Apply for these Blue Loans to help you through to your next pay cheque. Blue Short Term Loans help you get access to cash without having to stay too long in debt. This is because they are usually taken out against your salary. So if you are in need of a quick Blue Short Term loan, apply for a Blue Payday Loan or Blue Salary Advance Loan.

Types of Blue Loans on offer…

Blue Personal Loans – You can also apply for the Blue Personal loan that range from R1 500 up to R15 000.They are also known as general-purpose loans. These have a more strict approval process as compared to the Blue Short Term loans such as the Salary Advance loans.

Blue Education Loan – Getting an education has become of great importance due to the increased competition in the job market. However, education does not come cheap and not everyone can afford. That is why the Blue Education Loan is available to help your child get an education. Parents can now apply for Blue Education loan, which can be used for the payment of school fees and uniforms.

Blue Consolidation Loan – We often find ourselves trapped in a number of debts from different financiers. Come month end you are caught up in the pressure of having to go up and down to pay off your monthly installments. Why not just consolidate all your debt with a Blue Consolidation Loan. Blue Consolidation loan pays of your multiple loans. In return, you will have just one payment to make for the Blue Consolidation loan. This means you will also have a single interest rate on your loan amount. Get a Blue Consolidation Loan today to get a peace of mind!

Blue Home Improvement Loan – Are you renovating your home and in need of extra cash to finance it? Why not get yourself a Blue Home Improvement Loan. Blue Financial Services offers Home Improvement Loans from as little as R1 000 up to R50 000. These Blue Loans is designed specifically for home improvement. You can use the money to buy material or pay for construction. Blue Financial Services has partnered with CashBuild and other authorized building suppliers to provide you with the best possible deals on products. When you apply for Blue Loans, the loan amount is loaded onto the Blue loyalty card which you can use to transact from the recognized suppliers.

Blue Loans Contact Details

For more information regarding these Blue Loans you can contact them on +27 17 990 4300, www.blue.co.za or send an SMS with the key word “blue” to 32545 and they will call you back.

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