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Babereki Finance Loans – More often than not, our salaries may fail to meet expenses that just crop up or other planned expenses we might have, with this in mind, Babereki Financial Services introduced loans tailored to suit employees’ needs and budgets. The company is a registered financial services provider and its products and services are affordable, convenient and accessible from anywhere you are in South Africa. Since its inception in 2006, the company has continued to grow and enhance their quality of service through the use of cutting-edge resources and modern technology.

Why choose Babereki Finance Loans?

There are different types of Babereki Finance Loans you can apply for, you can choose the best option that will meet your lifestyle and budget. They offer Short Term Loans of between R500 to R8 000 repayable over 6 months and these are suitable for any expenses you might have such as school fees, rent, car repairs, etc.

You can also apply for Payday Loans which are offered from as little as R100 to R2 000 payable within 1 month and this type of loan can help you with money for groceries, transport and so forth. The maximum loan amount you qualify for will be based on your affordability and income.

Apart from loans, Babereki also offers mobile solutions and insurance products to employees and all these are aimed at giving the employees peace of mind so that they can focus on their work without having to worry about their finances.

What is needed to apply for Babereki Finance Loans?

Babereki is a Sotho word which means “workforce” and these loans are tailored for the workers in South Africa whether employed on a permanent or contract basis. You will need your identity document and you must be of legal age to apply. The repayments on the loan will be deducted directly from your salary or wages for the duration of the loan you would have agreed to.

Babereki Finance Loans Contact Details

To apply for a loan from Babereki Finance or to know more information about them feel free to visit their website www.baberekiservices.co.za or call them on telephone number 011 532 0000 and they will assist you.

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