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aprofin loans

Aprofin Loans are personal loans that provided by a reliable short-term credit provider and are useful to help you through some tough financial times. Aprofin is a Pretoria based registered financial services provider that offers personal loans of up to R10 000 in cash and offer flexible repayment plans that are tailored to match your financial needs. These credit solutions mainly cater for those that may face troubles in securing loans such as low-income earners and blacklisted people.

Why choose Aprofin Loans?

Aprofin is a micro lending institution that understands the challenges that ordinary South Africans face when trying to apply for credit from lending institutions such as banks, and this is particularly harder for low income earners and those who have bad credit. Blacklisted People have it the hardest when they try to apply for loans, and this is largely due to their history of failing to pay their debts in the past. Aprofin is a lender that looks past previous mistakes and gives blacklisted people “a second chance” as it were and offers them personal loans of up to R10 000 in cash.

You can access loans from Aprofin from anywhere in South Africa as long as you have access to their website. What you need to do is to simply fill out their application form provided on their website with your personal details and the amount of money you want to borrow, and their consultants will contact you to verify and finalize your application. They take into account your individual credit profile and affordability assessment and will formulate a repayment plan that won’t hurt your pockets at the end of the month. Use these personal loans for all your short-term financial obligations.

Aprofin Loans Application Requirements

To qualify for Aprofin Loans the loan applicant needs to have their South African Identity Document, must be employed on a permanent basis and over the age of 18 years, must have an active bank account in your name where your salary is paid out into, must provide your latest pay slip, 3 months bank statements and proof of address not older than 3 months. Their consultants will contact you if there is any additional documentation they may need from you or advising you on the status of your application. If you get approved they will pay out the full loan amount into your bank account and you will be able to access it almost immediately. Repayments will be taken from your bank account directly through a debit order every month until the loan term expires.

Aprofin Loans Contact Details

Find out more information on how to apply and qualify for Aprofin Loans by simply contacting them on Tel 012 546 5747 or by going online and visiting their website www.aprofin.co.za. You can speak to their friendly consultants and they will be able to assist you with any of your financial requirements and give you the best advice to help you make informed financial decisions.

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