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African Bank Loans offers you credit of up to R200 000 in cash which can be deposited directly into your bank account within 48 hours. Being one of the biggest financial institutions in the country, African Bank has some of the best credit solutions for your everyday needs, and these includes personal loans, insurance and investments services. Their loans are easily accessible through their online application forms, and their repayments are flexible enough to give you as much as 84 months to repay back your debt!

African Bank Loans Options on Offer

Short-Term Loans range from as little as R1 000 to a maximum amount of R10 000. Since these loans are more for short-term use, their repayment terms are also shorter, ranging between 3 to 10 months. These loans don’t require any form of collateral, and have got a fairly easy approval process. You can use these loans for unplanned emergencies such as repayment of an outstanding debt, paying for school fees or rent, medical bills and so on.

Long-Term Loans are ideal for more planned situations such as renovating your home, university fees, purchasing a new car, financing a dream holiday and so on. These personal loans give you as much as R200 000 in cash and offer more longer repayment terms going as far as 84 months, which will allow you to comfortably pay it off.

Consolidation Loans are loans that are suited for individuals who are battling with multiple debts and can’t manage them anymore. These loans give you as much as R200 000 which you can use to pay off your smaller loans and remain with one loan. Consolidation loans are able to save you money from lower interest rates, make managing your debt much easier and also give you peace of mind due to the fact that you will only be dealing with one loan. They are not available however to people who have judgements or are under administration.

Car Loans are vehicle finance solutions provided by African Bank that allow you to purchase the dream car you have always wanted. African Bank works with accredited dealerships to provide this finance facility, and potential applicants can simply apply for this finance option directly from the dealer without going to African Bank directly. When the loan is approved the bank will pay the dealer and the car will be in the bank’s name until you finish paying off your monthly installments. When your installments are done you can then change ownership into your name.

How do I apply for African Bank Loans?

Applying and qualifying for African Bank Loans is a simple process, all you have to do is visit their website and fill out the application form provided with your personal details and submit. Alternatively you can visit your nearest African Bank branch with your SA ID book in hand, 3 months bank statements stamped by the bank, latest pay slip and proof of address and apply in-branch. The amount of money you end up qualifying for will be determined by your credit score and affordability.

African Bank Loans Contact Details

Apply for African Bank Loans by visiting your nearest African Bank branch and speak to their in-branch consultants who will help you with the application process. You can get more detailed directly from their website so simply visit www.africanbank.co.za and read more information from there.

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